Cinematic LUTs Pack for Apple ProRes Log

Cinematic LUTs Pack for Apple ProRes Log


Immerse your footage in the rich hues and dramatic contrasts of nature and urban settings with our specially crafted Cinematic LUTs Pack. Tailored for Apple ProRes Log footage.







Discover the transformative power of color grading with our Cinematic LUTs Pack by Blake Ridder, tailored for Apple ProRes Log. Created with a keen understanding of how color influences storytelling, these LUTs are engineered to not only elevate the visual aesthetics of your footage but to aid in conveying the intended emotions and narrative.

The Nature Cinematic LUT is your companion for showcasing the awe-inspiring allure of the great outdoors. The lush greens, the expansive blues, and the earth’s natural hues are enriched to provide a refreshing, vibrant look to your nature explorations.

Warm Cinematic LUT aims to encapsulate the comforting, serene ambiance of warm-toned scenes. It accentuates the warmth in skin tones and the surrounding, making it a go-to choice for urban scenes, personal moments, or whenever a comforting, warm narrative is desired.

On the flip side, the Cool Cinematic LUT is crafted to provide a sleek, modern look. The cool tones are perfect for a contemporary, stylish narrative, be it in a bustling city or a modern architectural setting.

Every LUT in this pack is meticulously crafted to ensure they serve as effective tools in enhancing your storytelling while maintaining a high level of quality and compatibility across different editing platforms.

– Format: .CUBE
– Requirement: Apple ProRes Log footage.

Universally Compatible

This  LUT is an asset across all major video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, or even basic programs like iMovie, all work seamlessly, enhancing your color grading workflow.

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